Who’s that girl?!

In 2016, if I am not wrong, I visited a bookstore from Bucharest — the place you’ll always find me; surprinsing, I am not on the streets taking photos. I was drinking a tea and reading the book that I just bought when I saw on the other side of the building a girl drinking a tea. From instinct the first thing I wanted to do was to take a photo but then I thought is better and fairer to go and ask her permission to photograph her. Shy, she agreed. I returned at my table and photographed her then I went back to her and showed her what I did. She liked the photo. Even if she did not use a lot of words I saw the joy in her eyes, on her face. I gave her my name, she gave me hers. We became friends in the virtual world. When I got home I edited the photo then I sent it to that girl. At my request she allowed me to put her photo on my profile. I did share the photo here in to romember (ii) but I did not present the photo individually as I wanted. A year later I “disappeared” from social media — I disconnected my account “for a while” and later I simply took the decision to delete it. I disconntected myself from that deceptive world therefore I interrupted all connections I had with all those people called virtual friends, known or unknown.

Sometimes, real friends become simple virtual friends; vice versa is also possible. In the end, I suppose, all that what matters is that you know where you stand.

With my bad memory, today I cannot remember the name of that girl I photographed three years ago; all I know from her is that she is from Timisoara but this detail is not enough if someday I want to find her. She told me “if you ever come in Timisoara write me so I can show you the city”. If tomorrow I decide to go in Timisoara I do not know how could I contact her but who knows maybe by an accident I will just find her again not on the streets of Timisoara she wanted to show me but in a nice bookstore drinking a cup of tea while I’ll read from a new book from the first or the last chapter. 

She is that kind of girl that suits so perfectly in my project called Who’s that girl?!

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8 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?!

    1. Happy holidays Andrew. I am glad that all is well now. I wish all people’s problems were like this one anyway. 🙂 I appreciate your presence and interest for my photography here always.

  1. I go to that bookstore often–or is it a gift store that also sells books? Anyway, it’s one of my favorite places in town.

    If I ever see that girl there, I’ll tell her about you.

    See, your chances of meeting her again have just increased by… x.x%.

  2. I too have withdrawn from social everything. I maintain two blogs but only enough to give me a creative outlet. My blogoteer friends are my dearest friends but they too disappear one by one. I hold their memories dear and wish them a happy life.

  3. I sure wish you’d post more 🙂 Your B&W photographs have such a great feel to them…and then with your words added, perfect. Wishing you and your family good health and take care.

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