Snowflake (in the winter).

13:54. I check the weather – waiting – An arrow is trying to find me. 3 C. degrees. The arrow disappears. A bit cold but is a beautiful day. The last day of the year. The Sun shines brightly. I open the window; the room quikly becomes cold. A cold breeze touches me desperately. Brrr. I put a coat on me over the night dress. I have not change yet; the night clothes I mean. I light a cigarette (only in my imagination; I never smoke in the living room; it’s too clean…) and think. I see the trees, their thin branches. The Sun also disappears. “Did you say think?” Well, I need to think not just about the things I do not have and want but also to the things I have had and especially to those I have. “Looking to an empty street is definitely sweet. Remember? few years ago it was fully dressed”. “It was wearing white, I remember”. “Now it is empty, dusty and gray”. “Things might be different next year”. “Next year…” I close the window and go on the terrace. Winter! Winter is here. “But the snow is missing”. “It’s not. I see it in photography”.

Snowflake (in the summer) here:

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6 thoughts on “Snowflake (in the winter).

  1. 🤗 Mi s-a făcut pielea găina I Lov y snowflake

    > Pe 31 dec. 2019, la 16:54, alinastamboala a scris: > >  >

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