Spring; A new life.














Spring brings with it new beginnings, gifts and love from Nature and Friends. 

Dear AndrewThis post is for you. You have brightened my day with such lovely gifts. I am very grateful and a simple thank you is not enough. Wishing you a beautiful Spring full of Sunshine, Smiles and Love close to the ones you care about. 

Whishing the same for those who follow me.

(If you want a Calendar with artworks of Andrew check his website out.)

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4 thoughts on “Spring; A new life.

  1. Dear Alina…Thank you for your lovely words. “A simple thank you” is more than enough. Wishing you and all of your lucky followers Sunshine, Love and Smiles too. With warmest wishes…Andrew

  2. As they say, love is in the air. Delightful words and lovely images, Alina. Thank you. When I walk among the wildflowers in the mountains fighting off winter’s tenacious hold, I will remember how this rebirth is felt and shared among the gentle souls linked here in friendship from across the globe. To you and to all, a prayer for a wonderful and happy spring season.

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