Escaping from reality.

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I escape in music when I want to hear nothing but Silence.

Those who follow my Photoblog have seen this photograph for the first time in 2015; Thought it needs new editing

Do you find Silence in music? If so, what is your favourite song? Comment below and let me know (no links please! only the name of the artist/song). Thank you!

My latest obsession: Blues.

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13 thoughts on “Escaping from reality.

    1. Sweet voice. Never listened her before. Thank you for sharing. If it’s jazz then I recommend you Diana Krall – The look of love, or Stacey Kent – Close your eyes, More than you know; Melody Gardot – So we meet again. . Etc. 🙂

  1. Music has been my go to relief from a hectic world. I like all kinds of music, it just depends on my mood. Recently, death took three of my family members and three are hospitalized and will not be coming home. While it is sad to lose so much of one’s family at once, it is how life plays out. I draw a lot of comfort from Trace Adkins tribute to Johnny Cash when he sings an old country song called Wayfaring Stranger. He does it with real emotion and it gives me comfort to think of life as a hard journey that will end in a blessed relief.

    1. Sorry to hear that Daniel. Not easy at all but if we accept that life has good and bad parts, a beginning and an end, we all should be fine eventually. Wishing you all the best.

    2. Thank you so much, Alina. Your wise and kind heart is always present. Yes, it is a long road of acceptance and eventual peace. I’ve long accepted that the pain of loss is as much a part of a good life as every joyous ocassion. All go to their eternal rest and those that go before us can show us the way. This is why I like to listen to music and look inside of myself to reflect and know if I’ve chosen my path wisely. Big Dragon hugs to you and all your loved ones. 🤗

    1. “Both sides now” is all about illusions. One of my favourites as you know from the blog (Nov 1, 2016) Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Copenhagen by Lucinda Williams (and everything else she does), but I love Joni Mitchell and Diana Krall , Melody Gardot, Madeline Peyroux and so many others too.

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