12 thoughts on “Breathe the world (II).

  1. These are a great follow up to Breath the World (I) Alina, which I loved. They are full of atmosphere, mystery and great beauty. Some of the images have a wonderful abstract quality to them. Thanks for sharing these superb photos. The quality continues – look forward to lots more when you have the time 🙂

    1. Thank you very much!
      Hope you are doing well. You have a very precise purpose in life and that is writing. Keep doing that and never stop fighting for what you want, no matter how hard it is.
      Best wishes.

    2. Hello Andrew,
      Thank you very much. I always appreciate your visit here. As about the quality of my photos, well . . I think it is like a disease. I say that I do not follow perfection but it’s what I am doing in the last period – the reason I photograph less, or better say I post less. Anyway I am really happy to share my work whether it’s good or bad 🙂 Important is how (and that) we feel when we ‘create’ something, I suppose. It shouldn’t be always about the final result.

  2. I love how you captured a vibrant city life even in the rain. Rain always makes me want to sit quietly inside my house, read a book, and drink good coffee. Here we see that many go about their day rain or shine.

    1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for the comment. Most of people go out on rainy days because they have to. I don’t remember someone telling me ‘I go to have walk. So what if it’s raining? I take the umbrella with me!’ 🙂
      Some people don’t like the rain at all, while others like it but from inside. Next time when it rains I recommend you to take your coffee and go for a walk. It’s pure happiness.

    2. I must do it now. On several of my hikes recently, we had a gentle snow or misting rain and the air is so fresh and alive with the smells of the trees and ground.

    3. Hi Alina, I thought I replied so, maybe you’ll have two replies soon. Anyway, I love your suggestion and now I’m obsessed to try it. I know I won’t wait long 😊

    4. I have to agree with alinastamboala, Daniel my friend. Provided it’s a gentle rain and not a torrential downpour, to me there’s nothing lovelier than walking in a gentle rain. The gentle water coming down and the soft pitter-patter as the rain hits the streets and sidewalks makes one think more clearly and think more profound thoughts.
      I often found I did my best writing in Vancouver after coming out of a walk in the gentle rain.

    5. I will try it. I do like the gentle rains especially in the forest or countryside because everything smells so fresh and pronounced.

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