5 thoughts on “in(difference).

  1. Hi Alina! Your statement is very apt for what a lot of us are feeling over here on this side of the Atlantic. While we focus our whole lives on political shenanigans, we are indifferent to all of the true paths to happiness and love for ourselves and others. I was captivated by your photograph of the flower. It seems a bit atypical in its development. Of course, that made it a more rare beauty, which you captured so well.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Always glad to see you around; do you like my weird, sick and imperfect flower? Thank you for that and for your comment.
      And, please, forgive me for not checking your last writings. I might seem to be like one of those indifferent people who cares only about themselves when the main thing is to care more than many of them.

    2. I do like your imperfect flower, Alina. Reminds me a lot of myself. I’d never make it to the front of anyone’s vase but I like my imperfections. We’ve been together a long time. 😁 Oh, no problem on the visits, the story is always there when you feel like dropping by and it’s always a pleasure to chat with you. I’ve been away a lot myself as work and my hectic life keep me on the go.

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