10 thoughts on “Abundance.

  1. Your flower photos are so beautiful Alina. They are even more memorable than Robert Mapplethorpe’s monochrome flower photos. Happy October to you. Have a wonderful and creative month. Warmest wishes…Andrew

    1. Andrew, I feel honored to hear such words. Mapplethorpe’s works are masterpieces. I wonder, Who else who to understand the passion and love that I have for flowers, if not you, the man who paint them? Thank you. Twice thank you. For your presence here always.

  2. Your images of flowers and the sublime words that match them so well unleashes a storm of reflective thoughts and emotions in my mind. Flowers have a special meaning to me and your artistic gift is like a portal to the best of what flowers do to soothe a soul in quiet reflection. I am always grateful for the beautiful images and words you share, Alina.

    1. So I’ve been considering what would be a great project to take part in with you, and came across this concept of ‘Stream of Consciousness Journalling’ and thought it might be a great starting point to see how we can expand 🙂

      I’ve gone ahead and started a preliminary site to get the idea going, and would love for us to explore the possibility further!


      Let me know how you think we should create in this new and expansive space!

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