To remember. (II)

In April 2015 I posted some of these photos you see here with the following quote: “I will eat some breakfast then change the World.” __ (unknown author)

Later in September (same year) I realised that I “really have to” change the world. Nothing planned. It was like an earthquake: everything around me moved. That new feeling was beautiful fun and in the same time painful. A real challenge what can I say. A year earlier I wrote on the about page that “photography is like a refuge to me”. Refuge?

I did enjoy taking photos from the first moment I held a camera in my hands and to be honest it took me time to understand why I described it (or myself?) this way. I did not modified nor deleted this status, instead I started reflecting on it. As much as I could. “Silly” questions about this and that. . . about these or those. . . about me or I. . .about life. Dear me, I had no idea what I am going to take!

I was a river of thoughts. Just couldn’t stop myself. At some point I thought it is something passing like the hard winter, you know? But it never stopped since then. All those thoughts continued to grow inside myself  like flowers does when they have light and water and everything else they need to grow beautiful and healthy. My life did change. 

No, I did change. My life, surprisingly, remained the same. In fact, I never wanted to change it. I had no real reason to do it. But please do not think that I did not look for reasons because I’ve had! “I will find some very soon” that’s what I used to tell myself. 

They yesterday celebrated the World Photo Day. As for me, I did not even mention about it. Shame on me. But you have no idea how much I do love photography.



I am now so focused on my own person that I do not give a damn (almost) about what’s going on around me. You’ll probably think “it is not good”. But what is “good” these days? And what is “bad”? Tell me, isn’t true the fact that what is good to me might be bad to you? And vice versa? The truth is I do not like at all “these holidays” when they celebrate anything and in the same time nothing. But I suppose is important to have a day noted in the calendar to remind us that we have to celebrate something no matter what it is about. It means respect. Yes, I do respect people’s decisions and thoughts, their actions. If you do not follow but respect what the others like to follow or are used to follow is not more valuable than following but having no respect on what you’re following? Think a bit. 

ps: I never considered myself a photographer but I took photography seriously from the first moment I discovered The World of Photography. It is a wonderful, wonderful World. And no, it does not matter if you find pleasure, refuge or both in photography as long you take pictures with and from the heart. It does not even matter if your pictures are “good” or “bad”if you love what you are doing because you see, we need to really love what we do in life; Or perhaps this is the way I see things? 

. . . and some words from my favourite photographer:

“As for myself, I work the way I do because of the kind of person that I am – my work is an expression of myself. It reflects me, my fascination with people, the physical world around us, and the exciting medium in which I work. I do not claim that my way is the best or the only way, it is simply my way. It is an expression of myself, of the way I think and feel.” (Arnold Newman, A Life in Photography)

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10 thoughts on “To remember. (II)

  1. You are an artist, a photographer and a writer Alina. This post is very special and a treat to read and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your marvellous images with us. With my warmest wishes from across the sea 🙂

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