Business with the time.



















Working with Time isn’t something easy. You have to stop it to repair what’s broken. While you put all the pieces together you start questioning  if things are ever going to be the same. By stopping Time you think you’re going to solve the problem, repairing it makes you think that things is going to look better. But the problems are still there. And now you start wondering if and how you’ll turn back the Time lost in tought. alinastamboala.

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17 thoughts on “Business with the time.

  1. I love your theme of clocks which signifies time which can be interpreted different ways. I love all your pictures and the first one was amazing where she was looking at time. The others are amazing as well. Be well my friend.

  2. I so much love this post! It pulls me in in a new world, and perhaps also, it pulls me away from time for a moment, the way you describe it. A void of thinking, reflecting, watching, pondering… So many layers in your text, and such fine, detailed work by those skilled hands. And amazing photos. Thanks, this post is really rich!

  3. I love all the layers to this series. I see some of the clocks are from a period that past long ago and now they are like art pieces. The capture of the lady’s reflection with the clocks and pieces is a sublime artistic touch which you have such a wonderful talent for.

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