16 thoughts on “Endless journey.

  1. So nice to see such open vistas, Alina. I am always curious about other lands and the lives of those that cultivate it.

    1. There is nothing wrong with that 🙂 It is nice to have such beauty for oneself like a good coffee at the right moment. No need to share, just enjoy it, right?

    2. LOL! Yes, I always like to have coffee with friends, I just don’t give them my cup, I buy them one for themselves. I’m that way 🙂

    3. I learned to love coffee in Europe. Coffee with friends was a lot of fun. We would go climbing in the mountains then go to the nearest town to the coffee house and tell our big stories to each other. So I wanted to say that enjoying the country side is like having your coffee to drink. But of course, coffee is best when shared with good friends. 😋 ☕️

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