19 thoughts on “a stranger’s portrait (ii).

  1. You capture the essence of the moment in your subject’s life so well in these photos, Alina. Do you feel it in the moment or more after you see the photo? Often, When I photograph something, I only have a feeling of framing the picture and then later all the emotion captured comes to me when I review the picture.

    1. I definitely feel something when I photograph people and long after; I am a shy person when it comes to ask for people’s permission and -guess- that’s why I don’t do it often. So you can imagine…they really conquer my heart when I do it.

    2. I think that is why your photography is so evocative of emotion. It’s like the artist’s heart and spirit is seen in their work. I am thankful you share your talent. I learn a lot from what you share.

    1. And because of the nice composition and good job by the photographer to connect with them 😉

      And sure! Their beautiful souls!

      Happy Sunday!

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