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Hello everyone 🙂
I see people coming & leaving. Like in life. Not all people are meant to stay. I am glad to see that people who have interests in my photographs are still here no matter how ‘often’ I post. Thank you.

I am doing some changes in here too. Photographing less. Deleting more. Finally understood that the quality matters most and no the quantity. I am still having fun when I photograph; It is there – where it has to be – in my blood. At the moment time doesn’t allow me to do all I want to do considering photography but please don’t think I am quitting it. No way! Have on my mind #projects that I’ll start. (Soon)

As you probably noticed I do not have much activity on your posts. Sorry for that. It’s the lack of time, not me. Hope you are all well.

You can find me on Facebook if you want to keep in touch. There, as here, I don’t have lots of activity but you’re welcomed to add/follow me 😉

My full name: Alina Cristina Stamboala.


Until next time.

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  1. Those of us that appreciate you and your talent will always stay. I too, along with several of my WP friends have busy lives away from the computer so we are not always around, but as you said, quality over quantity. I am thankful any time you share your visions through the lens. 😉


  2. Everyone seems to be leading busy lives these days.

    A lot of my friends here no longer post as much as they used to.

    I myself in my own life not being able to find a job for the past 3 years and not being able to find any good low-cost housing in the city where I live am forced to live in a homeless shelter.

    So it’s my writing that is the only thing that’s able to keep me sane living among a group of crackheads and hopeless alcoholics and people with other forms of addiction. There are a few in the shelter who have been forced to live there by the tough economic times we are living in like myself but the vast majority have addiction issues of some sort and many are criminals.

    My iPhone was stolen from my pants pocket there while I slept back on January 3rd of this year.

    So now I do all my writing on the computer in a public library where I post to my blog.


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