Colour or B&W portrait?

original version




b&w edited



I took this photograph in Dec. 2015. One of my favourite portraits. Now that I finally  want to post it I cannot decide which version to share: colour or black and white. I personally love the second but even so I chose to post both of them. Please comment below and let me know: what is your favourite?! 

Thank you! 



  1. At a portrait, maybe black and whtie. The colour version does give a greater sense of place, which may or may not be important. In the black and white version, you may be able to darken the area to the right of the main character which which reduce the distraction of the second face.


  2. Love them both Alina but for me the B&W wins out. Somehow with the absence of colour, particularly in the background, the wonderful expression of the foreground face is accentuated and becomes the focal point. Great photo 🙂

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  3. I have generally a preference for b&w unless colour adds something without taking something else away. In your excellent photo I think the colour adds a delicacy to the main subject that is missing in monochrome,

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